Looking for a job

| 1 min read

Hi! I’ve been making software, helping people make them and leading development teams for the last 20 years.

After 5 years as lead dev then CTO at Bluesquare I’m currently looking for my next job.

What I like? Generally companies that have social impact - health, education, climate, poverty reduction or anything where I can feel that my work contributes to helping people.

What can I do? Pretty much any role in a development team. I’ve spent the last 15 years between development and engineering lead - I’m interested to get back into more coding this time but I always have an eye on how the team is working and how we can get better together, regardless of my exact position.

I’m generally tech-agnostic - I think what matters is the value we produce, so I generally favor mature, boring solutions (looking at you Postgresql). I’ve been using Java, Ruby, Javascript and Python in professional settings.

I’m also interested in working more with data - being an economist by education and working on a lot of data issues means I’ve developed a lot of curiosity in that area (including working more with Python/pandas/etc).

As far as experience, I’ve worked with companies from 1 to 3000+, including cofounding one. I’ve been a sole developer for new startups & led teams from 2 to 20 in various industries.

So, if you have something like that at your company, or hear about it - let’s talk!


Opinions? Let me know on LinkedIn!